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Flag Information Technology Co.,Ltd

We are committed to assisting our customers and successfully building total solutions for them, creating and pursuing the best quality system integration service company for sustainable operation. Our company is an agent of domestic and foreign advantageous information and communication and information security products, technology and professional consulting services to pursue the information technology needs of various industries.

Our company has been established for ten years and maintains the spirit of entrepreneurship, upholds the core concept of talent as the company, and helps enterprises integrate and share global information resources.

Our company has a long history of service and system integration in the high-tech industry, government agencies, financial services and schools. We provide industry-specific solutions for applications such as big data analysis, AI deep learning, Internet of Things development, and blockchain technology. To enhance overall competitiveness and provide customers with continuous professional services such as after-sales consultation and maintenance.

In the future, we will continue to specialize in core information and communication products and solutions, and develop innovative technology services in various industries. We will also combine with specialized vendors in various fields to provide more diversified and complete services, and pursue the growth of enterprises and employees together to create a win-win situation.